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How Does Depression Affect Life Insurance Rates?

You may have come to terms that a lot of the time your life insurance will not accept you if you’re not entirely healthy. However, this is untrue. The term “the healthier you are, the cheaper your life insurance” is not correct, it’s a false statement. One may not realize that mental health is covered by many health insurances is, but they are very picky about what types of disorders they cover. If you suffer from depression you may be wondering how it will affect your life insurance, keep breeding we will discuss how life insurance is affected by depression even if you need life insurance over 60.

Which Mental Health Disorders Are Covered?

You may be wondering which mental health disorders are going to be covered by insurance. Major depressive disorder, depressive disorder, are the most common psychological disorders and will likely have an impact on your life insurance. Other types of mental health disorders that may be covered are; acute stress, any stress from immune diseases, mental health issues that affect high blood pressure, and insomnia or any dietary issues that may impact your mental health.

What Will the Insurance Want To Know?

If you suffer from depression and you’re trying to apply to life insurance over 50, they will usually ask you to complete a questionnaire so that they can get more information about how your depression affects you. The treatment of disorders will vary by each Insurance company, and they will use the information that you provided help tailor A treatment plan that will work for your issues. If you happen to be suffering from any other type of mental disorder, they will usually use a traditional type of treatment for that specific psychological disorder. That will include medications, therapies, or anything else that is needed.

Will they Know My History?

If you don’t provide any history to your mental illness, they will probably still go about finding it through any medical records. It depends on the severity of your mental diseases and how they’re going to manage to treat you. All of this information will be used to determine if they want to accept you for their life insurance. It will usually want to know if your depression affects your sleeping ability if your depression affects weight loss or eating, medications, any treatments you’ve had, hospitalizations, employment history, and if you’re suicidal. If you don’t provide any of the above information, they will try and find it to your medical records, so it’s just better to be upfront and honest before they do that research.


Well, you may not want to hear it the life insurance companies will ask for this information to determine if your risk or not. Their job is to provide you insurance if you’re prone to injuries either physical or mental. If you happen to be a part of why you may end up getting even more injured physically or mentally they will not want to cover you. It’s their job to make money off of the life insurance payments that you make, so if you’re going to cost them more they will not want to sign you on. Now, this doesn’t mean if you have a severe issue they won’t take you. It just means that they want to make sure that you’re not going to intentionally harm yourself and cost them lots of money. Either way, you will be able to find anxiety & depression life insurance if you’re honest and upfront about your conditions.

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