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Types of Insurance You Didn’t Know Existed


It’s important to note that insurance is similar to you betting the odds that something will happen in your life.

If you feel like the bet is worth the peace of mind it grants, it’s always worth having that discussion with your friends and family, and then ultimately contacting an insurance supplier to find out what they can offer you.

But what can be stressful, is that we might think we’re not able to be covered, depending on what worries us the most.

So for peace of mind, here are just a few type of life insurance that exist out there that could potentially help you.

Diabetes Life Insurance

Thankfully, diabetes, either type 1 or type 2, can be treated relatively easily nowadays, and sufferers of the illness can keep themselves right by regularly checking their blood sugar levels.

Although it is manageable by those afflicted, it’s important to understand that it does inherently increase the rise of certain health issues arising. As such, if it worries you enough, and you feel that it could cause damage to your family, you can find insurance catered entirely to you for this.

As long as you fully disclose your diabetes to the company offering your life insurance, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem, and your rate will only increase slightly. Just be sure to shop around, as most suppliers offer this kind of cover.

Cancer Life Insurance

Cancer can be devastating, not only to those with the disease but to the families as well.

The constant worry of the illness can be very tolling on everyone involved, and one of the best ways to sooth that worry, is to get life insurance, to ensure that if the worst were to happen, your family will be secure.

There are plenty of options out there for cancer sufferers, and most companies will consider your claim. What is most important, is that if you are diagnosed with cancer, you inform your life insurance supplier immediately. They will then discuss the best options for you proceeding forward.

Carefully consider your decision and be sure that you are honest about the potential risk involved.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of the disease, if the type of cancer you suffer from is incurable, you will not be able to get life insurance.

Anxiety & Depression Life Insurance

Modern society is slowly but surely becoming more accepting of mental illness, and the importance of mental wellbeing – and rightly so!

We know now, that illnesses such as anxiety and depression can be just as debilitating to a person’s life and wellbeing as a more commonly understood life threatening illnesses further up this very list.

Life insurance for anxiety and depression can be easily obtained from most insurance suppliers, and thankfully for relatively low costs. If you feel you’ve started to suffer from depression, or if you’ve been diagnosed with it, immediately notify your life insurance supplier, as it could prevent a claim being withdrawn when its most needed.

Life Insurance Over 50

As we grow older and our health starts to decline slightly, it can starkly remind us the importance of keeping ourselves well looked after.

But the fact is that no matter how well we look after our bodies, life often throws us unexpected curveballs the older we get, either in the form of a blind sighted illness or even a random act of chance.

The problem is that while we worry about this, we also worry that we cannot be covered by a reasonable insurance program simply because of our age. But there ARE life insurance options out there for those over 50!

Not only that – but Life Insurance Over 60, 70 & 80 even exist, and for very affordable prices!No matter what, the key rules are being honest with your loved ones, and honest with your insurance supplier.

Insurance can offer a great peace of mind to us all, whether we’re expecting the worst and want to make sure our families are safe and protected, or whether we simply want to know we’re covered when we need it most.


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